Baxterbear supports Rotary Club Golf Day

I’m a TREEKLED Baxterbear! I went with Pam and three of her friends and their Baxterbears golfing. Pam, Jan, Helen and Hazel were playing in a Rotary Club Charity Golf competition at Woodhall Hills in West Yorkshire. DIGITAL CAMERA They all wore very smart Baxterbear t-shirts and fastened there Baxterbears to their golf bags so they could watch everything that was going on. DIGITAL CAMERA I was TREEKLED that it was such a lovely day but it took a very long time to walk round the course and I was CONFUDDLED because every so often one of them hit their balls in the woods and then they all had to go look for it. I’m sure I could have found it for them! When they finished their game we all went into the clubhouse – for my tea and Walkers Shortbread all round! DIGITAL CAMERA DIGITAL CAMERA