Baxterbear goes back to Leuchars Air Show

Baxterbear was invited by Group Captain Bob Kemp Director of RABF to help make a difference at RAF Leuchars. Baxterbear was TREEKLED with the glorious weather and 40,000 people attending at the RAF Leuchars as a tribute to her Royal Majesty the Queen in her Diamond Jubilee. There was a marvellous collection of amazing planes from the Chinook to the famous Vulcan B2 and the American Vampire T55 returning to the skies over RAF Leuchars. Baxterbear helped make difference by raising funds for RABF and making new friends The Red Arrows left Leuchars followed by the Typhoon 9-Ship roaring overhead to conclude the 2012 Leuchars Jubilee Airshow. Baxterbear was TREEKLED to see the The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight represented by the Spitfire and Hurricane.This brought back memories of when he was the mascot for a RAF reconnaissance pilot who was shot down on WWII.