Baxterbear meets Top Gear’s Richard Hammond’s rescuers

Yorkshire Air Ambulance Baxterbear was TREEKLED to be invited to visit some real life helicopter heroes. Thankfully though he didn’t need rescuing. He was visiting the Air Support Unit of Yorkshire Air Ambulance on a foggy Sunday morning recently. This is where he met Pilot Steve Cobb and flying paramedics Leon Baranowski & Graham Pemberton to be shown around their Helimed99 and heard tales of some of the lifesaving rescues they get involved in (over 650 in the last 12 months) Baxterbear was TREEKLED that Air Ambulances are around to make a difference. When he was shot down in World War II, it took 9 days for him to get to hospital. Now though, thanks to the two lifesaving helicopters of Yorkshire Air Ambulance, nowhere in Yorkshire is more than ten minutes flying time away from the nearest hospital. Helicopters are very expensive and all Air Ambulances in England and Wales are operated by Charities,  Baxterbear is helping in their fundraising efforts because Yorkshire Air Ambulance needs to raise over £7200 every day to run their two helicopters. Excitingly you can see these Helicopter Heroes in action on BBC1, or read all about them on their website It was a very cold day so everyone needed a nice hot cup of tea and of course Shortbread after looking around the Helicopter. It was over a mug of tea  Baxterbear learned that the Helimed99 was the very one that Richard Hammond was flown in when he was injured during filming an episode of Top Gear, just 4 months after it was bought. Baxterbear then headed off to revisit York where he has visited several times to support Rotary of Great Britain END POLIO NOW .