Baxterbear goes to a wedding

“For those of you who don’t believe you’re ever going to find THE ONE, hold Baxterbear’s philosophies close to your heart, and if you see a shooting star, wish on that star… ” Mrs. Lindsay Baxter.
Baxterbear was TREEKLED to recently receive wedding photo’s from Lindsay and Steven Baxter’s wedding in November 2012. Baxterbear was lucky enough to attend the marvellous ceremony where he wished the happy couple a future filled with excitement and adventure as they set off on their new lives together. Linday and Steven met Baxterbear when he was mascot at the British Military Tournament 2011 and they returned in 2012 to see their friend once again. Baxterbear and his philosophies played a part in bringing the newlyweds together so on the day Lindsay proudly became Mrs Baxter, Baxterbear had to be there. At the wedding there were Baxterbears everywhere as Lindsay and Steven absolutely love Baxterbear’s philosophies and wanted to share his message with their friends and children. Baxterbear heard that Lindsay and Steven were planning to visit Burma on their honeymoon and follow in Baxterbear’s paw-prints. Wedding (2) Wedding montage Wedding (1)