Baxterbear meets Simon Weston at The Trades House of Glasgow Annual Ball

CS_Logo_-_They_Fight_Our_Wars The Trades House of Glasgow Annual Charity Ball, this year in aid of Combat Stress was held at the Glasgow Hilton on 11th May 2013. The organisers were delighted that Baxterbear was able to fit the event into his busy schedule and join in the fun. After meeting and greeting the guests, Baxterbear mingled with the great and the good and encouraged the partygoers to support a very worthy cause. He proved particularly popular with the young ladies and was regularly surrounded a bevvy of beauties all vying for his attention and wanting to be photographed alongside him. He promoted the Baxterbear raffle and nearly everyone went home with a Baxterbear, which will act as a reminder of a fun evening with a serious mission – to raise funds for Combat Stress and the upgrading of their treatment centre at Hollybush House near Ayr. Baxterbear was honoured to meet Simon Weston who spoke at the event and TREEKLED that Simon took home a Baxterbear! Deacon Convener with Baxterbear 11th May Ball (3) Baxterbear and the pianist 11th May Ball (6) Baxterbear with a bevy of beauties 11th May Ball (8) 11th May Ball (2) Patricia Smail 11th May Ball (9) 11th May Ball (10) Simon Weston speaking at Glasgow Ball