Baxterbear joins Wildlife Heritage Foundation

Wild Life Heritage Foundation, Kent Baxterbear was TREEKLED to join in a four day event at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation to raise funds for this wonderful charity. Baxterbear lived in India and Africa for many years and he was TREEKLED to be meeting lions and tigers, and other big cats, once again. It was truly an eventful time, and Baxterbear camped in the grounds and made lots of new friends! 12x8 Baxterbear with the Whites 12x8 BaxterBear with the Team 12x8 Baxterbear with the Police 12x8 Baxterbear with the Jags 2 12x8 Baxterbear with the Guests 12x8 Baxterbear with guests 2 12x8 Baxterbear at the tigers (1) 12x8 Baxterbear at the Lions 12x8 Baxterbear at the Jags 8x12 The Bear 8x12 Harness 8 8x12 Harness 5 8x12 Harness 1 8x12 Climbing 8x12 Climbing Wall 11 8x12 Climbing Wall 10 8x12 Climbing Wall 9 8x12 Climbing Wall 8 8x12 Climbing Wall 7 8x12 Climbing Wall 6 8x12 Climbing Wall 5 8x12 Climbing Wall 2 8x12 Climbing Bear 8x12 Catch 8x12 Be The Best 8x12 3 Bear 12x8 Harness 4 12x8 Harness 2 12x8 Hanging Out 8x12 Made It