Baxterbear Wins!

ABF Logo all On Saturday, August the 10th at the Perth Highland Games Baxterbear was TREEKLED to be running in the Mascot Kilt Run to help the ABF The Soldiers’ Charity raise funds. Being a positive happy Baxterbear, he won! Then onwards to the race where he enjoyed the journey.
“Thank you very much to Baxterbear for coming along to the Kilt Run in Perth last Saturday. Whilst sadly the crowds were smaller than last year’s Diamond Jubilee event, Baxterbear played his part in our raising over £1200 for charity. I was very impressed at his turn of speed – in the 100m Mascot’s dash, he beat his rival by a country mile, finishing in style! Fortunately there were more runners (including Baxterbear – 53 minutes, for the record) than last year, so the official world record for kilted runners is now owned by Scotland, although I fear our Canadian competitors (also running in Canada’s Perth alongside a Canadian River Tay!) are likely to regain the title shortly. I am hopeful that Perth will run the event next year (and on a bigger scale!), in which case we’ll hopefully see Baxterbear show a clean set of heels again!”
Charles Dunphie Regional Director Scotland ———————————————— ABF The Soldiers’ Charity photo (1) photo (2) photo BB 601404_497610533643195_2107704587_n 969624_497610986976483_1208626253_n 1002499_497611030309812_580418534_n 1003039_497610843643164_155962666_n 1006018_497611010309814_1764565292_n 1098424_497610716976510_1353581064_n 1148904_497610650309850_1830409766_n 1150994_497610763643172_2099483589_n