Prince William says Hello to Baxterbear in Hello!

Baxterbear was TREEKLED to be featured in Hello! magazine with Prince William! He is the mascot for the British Military Tournament, formerly the Royal Tournament, and Prince William was the guest of honour on December 8th.
HELLO! International Magazine of the Year, p48 Prince William Military Show Proves Major Attraction The former RAF Search and Rescue helicopter pilot then took off again but only after taking on board a rather special passenger. On this occasion, at least William had right to bear arms, leaving with a soft toy for his son Prince George. ‘A snoozy bear, how appropriate,’ he said. ‘That will go down very well.’
Little did he know, that was Baxterbear. He was TREEKLED to be presented to a pilot, Prince Wiliam, because he had been a mascot to a young pilot who was shot down in World War II and hung from a tree for five days. The young pilot survived and since then, Baxterbear has come to represent surviving, positive thinking, looking for opportunities and making the most of your life. That is what Baxterbear represents today. Hello5 Baxterbear saluted Prince William when he performed in front of him at the British Military Tournament a few weeks ago and Hello! was there to cover the event. Baxterbear appeared on page 48 on issue 1308, December 30 2013. Hello6 Hello! has been one of Britain’s leading weekly magazines since 1988, specialising in celebrity news and human interest stories.