Christmas time at the Caley!

24/12/2009 to 31/12/2009 Baxterbear enjoys afternoon tea in the Pompadour Restaurant during his festive stay. Baxterbear was invited by the General Manager of the Caledonian Hilton Edinburgh, Willy Blattner for Festive Celebrations 2009.

Baxterbear helps Kenyan Flying Doctors

Kenyan Flying Doctors Baxterbear is TREEKLED to have made a difference at a number of events for the Kenyan Flying Doctors. Baxterbear lived on a coffee farm in Kenya after World War II and he has been a supporter of the Kenyan Flying Doctors for many years. “You never know when you need a Baxterbear.” Click on the photos below:

Jacki NOH

image1In Scotland, I met Baxterbear who taught me an important life lesson. He said, “I can only have one thought at a time and it’s always positive. I never hold a grudge, as that part of my memory doesn’t work very well. Before a memory becomes a grudge, it falls out of my head.” With that I will say “That’s it, folks! Thanks for reading. HERE’S WISHING YOU VERY HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!” Jacki NOH

Baxterbear helps out at Edinburgh Airport

Parcels4Troops UK 27/11/2009 Invited by Alistair Sutherland from Parcels 4 Troops for presentation at Edinburgh Airport.

60th NATO Anniversary Dinner; Baxterbear makes a difference, The Duke of York at St James’ Palace – 300 Baxterbears given to guests

ABF Logo     09/11/2009 Prince Andrew, The Duke of York the Royal Colonel of The Royal Highland Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, 2 SCOTS, was guest of honour at the 60th NATO Anniversary dinner at St James’ Palace Photo of Major James Coleby  of Coldstream Guards,  Ambassador for  Baxterbear who attended the dinner  with his wife at St James Palace  where 300 Baxterbears were given to all the guests to raise funds for the ABF The Soldiers Charity.   In Summer 2012 Major James Coleby with HRH The Queen The Year of The Queens Jubilee 2012. St James’ Palace Programme The mutual respect, shared love of adventure and a determination to be strong and positive in the face of adversity, misfortune and difficult times are what identify Baxterbear as a friend and mascot to the many service men and women around the world. Baxterbear does all he can to make a difference to people’s lives. He is always by your side and when you are so far away from your family and friends, he becomes a much needed companion, listener and confidante. We are delighted that Baxterbear continues to support and offer friendship, not only to the Armed Forces but also to the nine causes he is involved in on a day-to-day basis. Not only does he raise vital money for these concerns, but his individually tailored story books allow him to offer hope, love and encouragement to those who need it most. This small bear brings a mountain of joy to so many – so keep yours safe and secure! Col. Simon Vandeleur

3 RIFLES “At Home” with Baxterbear

Baxterbear was TREEKLED to help the families of members of 3 RIFLES who were recently deployed on Operation Herrick in Afghanistan. Baxterbear was featured in Mascot magazine, in the article reproduced below: With Riflemen of 3rd Battalion The Rifles Deploying on Op HERRICK to Afghanistan on October half-term upon us, some diversionary entertainment was needed for the young families of the Battalion. A visit to Edinburgh Castle, home of the Garrison Headquarters, fitted the bill, especially if Baxterbear is at home. The late October visit proved a great success with children manning the arrow slits and even scaling some of the rock faces within The Castle walls. Places of interest around The Castle included the Regalia of Scotland (Crown Jewels and Sword of State), the National War Memorial commemorating the names of over 148,000 Scottish Service personnel killed in the First World War, and St Margaret’s Chapel dating from the 12th century. The trip concluded in The Castle Club located in the Barrack Block where the children heard the story of Baxterbear’s visit to The Castle and as a special treat, Baxterbear appeared in person to enthral all those present. During the Second World War, Baxterbear inspired Squadron Leader Baxter to remain positive while trapped by his parachute that was entangled in the jungle canopy after ejecting from his fighter plane over Burma. He was eventually freed by Gurkhas after 5 days. CSM Coxan, Colour Serjeant Coxon and Corporal Yates have been doing their bit to keep a positive attitude among the families of 3 Rifles during the Battalion’s operational tour and Sharpe’s Retreat has proved a lively Welfare Centre for the Redford-based Unit. 1

Baxterbear helps Parcels 4 Troops pack Christmas boxes for 3 Rifles in Afghanistan.

Parcels4Troops UK 27/10/2009 Baxterbear was TREEKLED to help pack Christmas treats and Baxterbear goodies for 3 Rifles in Afghanistan. Baxterbear also enjoyed giving Baxterbears to the children at their Christmas parties.

Baxterbear joins Rotary International’s ‘END POLIO NOW’ campaign for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for 2nd conference

Rotary International with Bill and Melinda Gates’ “END POLIO NOW” campaign 24/10/2009 to 25/10/2009 Baxterbear in York at Rotary International conference to again join their challenge for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to raise $200m to END POLIO NOW. Picture taken in Rotary ‘END POLIO NOW’ caravan.

Baxterbear joins Rotary International’s ‘END POLIO NOW’ campaign for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Rotary International with Bill and Melinda Gates’ “END POLIO NOW” campaign 03/10/2009 to 04/10/2009 Baxterbear joins Rotary International’s challenge for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to raise $200m to END POLIO NOW. Baxterbear took to the stage with Roberta Gaitan.