Baxterbear supports Hilton in the Community Foundation

Hilton in the Community Foundation 30/05/2010 Baxterbear was TREEKLED to be helping Hilton in the Community Foundation as the guest of the Caledonian Hotel General Manager Willy Blattner. Baxterbear has been going to Princes Street Gardens since 1928 which he calls the magical gardens from his younger years. Willy Blattner has been involved with various projects with Baxterbear during his time as General Manager of the Caledonian Hotel 2 1 4 3    

Baxterbear joins Penicuik on Parade

Rotary International with Bill and Melinda Gates’ “END POLIO NOW” campaign 29/05/2010 Baxterbear joins Penicuik on parade to assist the Rotary Club with ‘END POLIO NOW’. Baxterbear joined the Penicuik scouts on their float. image002

Baxterbear visits the Cannes Film Festival

11/05/2010 to 23/05/2010 Baxterbear attended the Cannes Film Festival to meet with producers about his great big feature film adventure! Watch this space for more! IMAGE_106

Hilton in the Community with Baxterbear

Baxterbear invited to Hilton Community Party in Princes’s Gardens by Hilton Caledonian Hotel Princess Street May 2010 by Manager Willy Blattner !cid_7F193A62-A29C-4CB6-9D2E-9F49EA4409B6@dlink !cid_8AD8EDA2-AD7F-4205-8CB6-D1B0478859B5@dlink !cid_B06BD037-C660-46F6-8654-0F3C9C243ABD@dlink !cid_B137CE16-ED7D-44EF-9EF8-C98A3429B62E@dlink !cid_EFD516B4-4982-4A2B-99B1-40D768956E20@dlink !cid_6A8FAC6A-BED3-4CF1-99B3-80272C857178@dlink !cid_3A1D31F1-49E8-4675-B3B5-9BD48D446871@dlink  

Baxterbear attends rugby match with British Lion Gavin Hastings

08/05/2010 Baxterbear is TREEKLED to make friends with British Lion Gavin Hastings at the Stirling County vs the Army rugby match in Scotland. 082_209/05/2010