Baxterbear joins Edinburgh Armed Forces Day 2010 with 2 Scots.

26/06/2010 Baxterbear joined Armed Forces Day with the Royal Highland Fusiliers, also known as 2 Scots. Captain Walter R Barrie, Welfare Officer of 2 Scots said:”On behalf of the Battalion, thank you very much for your support. We really appreciate Baxterbear’s help in raising money for our wristband appeal.” armed forces day 036

Cadets 150 in Ely by Cambridge raising money for ABF The Soldiers Charity

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Baxterbear Dances to Raises Funds with Cadets 150
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Baxterbear thanks Lothian and Borders Police

12/06/2010 Baxterbear was TREEKLED to be invited by Lothian and Borders Police for their Family Day to make a difference. borders police

Baxterbear helps out at the Edinburgh Taxi ride for Kids

08/06/2010 Baxterbear was delighted to be invited to join on this special outing and gave all the children Baxterbear t-shirts. The taxi rides took the children from Murrayfield to Whitecraigs via Luca’s Ice-cream shop. To the delight of Baxterbear and all present the taxi’s were covered in bright colourful balloons and people waved and hooted horns all along the route. 5 taxiparade

Baxterbear in Ely

06/06/2010 Baxterbear was invited by The Commandant of Cambridge Army Cadet Force Col. Roger Herriot. One of Baxterbear’s favourite things is music that he can dance to and so Baxterbear danced the afternoon away at Ely Cathedral with cadets and children. You can see a video of Baxterbears amazing moves in the video gallery or click on the link.