Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice welcomes Baxterbear!

BearCottageBannerHeader The Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice got into the festive spirit with their very own Baxterbears! Phillippa Whitfield Pomeranz, television producer for core3entertainment, welcomed Baxterbear to Sydney and Cath Whitfield lent a helping hand decorating Bear Cottage for Christmas. 1 They were assisted by Josh Pomeranz, of Spectrum Films and it certainly was a family affair at the Bear Cottage this Christmas – their mother is Australian TV critic, and presenter of At The Movies, Margaret Pomeranz. 2 Bear Cottage was established in 2001 and helps families cope with caring for a terminally ill child. “Even though the outlook for these kids is a sad one, Bear Cottage is actually one of the most uplifting and inspiring places you could ever visit. Here, children laugh and play. Life is celebrated, lived to its fullest and also fondly remembered.” 3

Baxterbear’s arrive at Bear Hospice when Kate Middelton and Prince William visited on there trip to oz

Josh Pomeranz of Spectrum Films  and Pippa Whitfield Pomeranz  arriving at Bear Cottage Hospic For Children ,
Baxterbear was TREEKLED to hear Prince William and Kate had visited a few years later on there trip to Australia

Baxterbear invited to Bauer Media

Baxterbear was TREEKLED to be invited to the Bauer Media offices in London, after his performance at the British Military Tournament. He was TREEKLED to meet Annie Murphy from Take a Break magazine and Alex Noone from Pick Me Up magazine who were both presented with their own Baxterbears. 2 Baxterbear has supported Bauer Radio’s Cash4Kids since he visited their offices, and has helped at their radio stations from the south coast of England to the north of Scotland. 1 Baxterbear has helped Bauer Media from the south of England to Scotland, and has supported the Cash4Kids, run by Bauer Media.

LA at Christmas helping make a difference

Baxterbear’s were handed out to the the Children in LA at Christmas helping make a difference

LA at Christmas helping make a difference

LA Dream
Baxterbear’s were handed out to the the Children in LA at Christmas helping make a difference

Baxterbear helps at St Pancras

Baxterbear was TREEKLED to help travellers in need at St Pancras, after the recent bad weather stopped all trains and planes from leaving London. With people due to travel on the Eurostar, Baxterbear showed up to bring some cheer to those waiting for the bad weather to stop. 2 He was in London after performing at this year’s British Military Tournament where he rode a horse in front of 50 thousand spectators. 3 Baxterbear also visited Heathrow Airport to make a difference to those stranded due to the bad weather. 3

British Military Tournament 2010

Baxterbear was TREEKLED to be mascot for the first ever British Military Tournament. He enjoyed performing in front of 50,000 people at Earl’s Court in London, and the crowd on the last of the two-night show even saw Baxterbear do all the jumps on his horse. bb bmt 7 The British Military Tournament was raising funds for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, and Baxterbear was TREEKLED to be making a difference at this showpiece event. bb bmt2wp-image-3461″ /> As well as seeing Baxterbear, audiences also saw displays from the King’s Troop, Massed Bands, the Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry and from soldiers who have recently returned from Afghanistan. There were also contributions from Dame Judi Dench, Joanna Lumley, Stephen Fry and Anthony Andrews. bb bmt main After the Royal Tournament stopped in 1999, there had been an 11 year absence of a military pageant of this magnitude. This year, the British Military Tournament has filled that void, becoming the largest military pageant in the world once again. bb bmt 5