Baxterbear supports Rotary Club Golf Day

I’m a TREEKLED Baxterbear! I went with Pam and three of her friends and their Baxterbears golfing. Pam, Jan, Helen and Hazel were playing in a Rotary Club Charity Golf competition at Woodhall Hills in West Yorkshire. DIGITAL CAMERA They all wore very smart Baxterbear t-shirts and fastened there Baxterbears to their golf bags so they could watch everything that was going on. DIGITAL CAMERA I was TREEKLED that it was such a lovely day but it took a very long time to walk round the course and I was CONFUDDLED because every so often one of them hit their balls in the woods and then they all had to go look for it. I’m sure I could have found it for them! When they finished their game we all went into the clubhouse – for my tea and Walkers Shortbread all round! DIGITAL CAMERA DIGITAL CAMERA

Baxterbear at Armed Forces Day funday at Ripon Race course

ABF Logo   all 25/06/2011 Baxterbear was invited to attend a very special event which united five of the main armed services charities. It really was a great day out for all the family and not to be missed. Teams including service personnel have been invited to participate in an IT’S A KNOCKOUT competition. Just like the original TV programme we will have lots of funny, entertaining games involving inflatables, obstacles, costumes, water and loads of bubbles. Baxterbear enjoyed a barbecue lunch cooked by David Lishman’s award winning team. 004_4 Haileybury Military Tournament ok 005_5 RiponRaceCourse P3 ok 007_7 RiponRaceCourse P3 011_11 RiponRaceCourse P3   !cid_81FE4422-150E-40A4-A3E3-11FFDD106004@dlink    

Baxterbear meets Prince Charles at Armed Forces Day 2011

25/06/2011 Baxterbear was privileged and proud to meet Prince Charles  and  show his support for all our servicemen and women as an official guest of Colonel Simon Vandeleur, Edinburgh Garrison Commander at Armed Forces Day 2011. This was Baxterbear’s third consecutive year at the event.