Baxterbear TREEKLED meets Stephanie at Harvey Nichols

Stephanie Taylor, of The Sunday Brunch Club, was TREEKLED to meet Baxterbear at Harvey Nichols, St Andrew Square , Edinburgh. Stephanie is delighted Baxterbear will be in Edinburgh and Baxterbear is TREEKLED to help make a difference for It’s Good to Give, the Edinburgh charity raising money for local young people with cancer and their families. Standing outside the Forth Floor Restaurant at Harvey Nichols together, Baxterbear and Stephanie take in the spectacular view of the city of Edinburgh. Hogmanay Ball info: Welcome in the New Year in style at the famous George Street Assembly Rooms with Edinburgh’s Grand Hogmanay Ball 31st Dec 2012. Edinburgh has a worldwide reputation for holding the best New Year’s Celebrations and what better way to celebrate than in the comfort and warmth of the £9.3m restored iconic Assembly Rooms. Now in its 6th year, join us for a glittering and glamorous evening of fun as we dance to classic party tunes and traditional ceilidh music from our favourite band – The Strides. Included in the ticket price is a glass of Rocco Venezia Prosecco upon arrival and once you’ve worked up an appetite on the dance floor, there will be traditional haggis, neeps and tatties for everyone. Get your friends and family together, book your tickets, then sit back, relax and look forward to a spectacular evening, seeing in the bells of 2013 with us, and help Baxterbear make a difference for this wonderful Edinburgh charity. Make this your best Hogmanay ever and be TREEKLED with Baxterbear. P1000057 P1000061 P1000062 P1000088 P1000078

Baxterbear rides out with Union Jack!

ABF Logo all British Military Tournament (formerly The Royal Tournament) 8 – 9 December 2012 A spectular tournament, this year telling the story of the life of Her Majesty The Queen, there were too many horses to count, this year Baxterbear rode on one very special one, being a positive bear he hopes to ride on more again next year. The British Military Tournament supports three charities – Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund. Baxterbear was TREEKLED to be with The Coldstream Guards Band loving the Ceremonial and Pageantry. Baxterbear was sure at one of the performances he saw his distinguished special friend in the audience, Sir Evelyn Webb-Carter. Memories of great excitement in 2011 when he rode out behind Evelyn lead by the different charities in a line one after another into the arena with Baxterbear at the end. What would he do without the great riding lessons given to me. This year, not just standing on two horses Baxterbear was practising his stunt riding on a Quad bike – very impressive! The last time he was on a quad was when he was deployed to 2010 to Afghanistan with the Padre of 2SCOTS (Royal Highland Fusiliers) for six months flying back in for the BMT then returning to be met by Prince Andrew. Baxterbear was TREEKLED to meet and catch up with old and new friends. Baxterbear met Fred from South Africa, who has just become a Chelsea Pensioner, and his brother in-law Roy Atherton, an old friend of Baxterbear. DSC_3914 DSC_4459 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were to be the VIP Guests this year unfortunately they were unable to attend, being the most positive bear in the world Baxterbear knows the right time will come when he meets them! He wishes to offer congratulations to both of them on their wonderful news. Still TREEKLED from last year 2011 performing in front of Her Majesty The Queen was indeed an honour. The highlight this year has to be for Baxterbear in the year of Queen’s Jubilee at The British Military Tournament was riding through the Arena carrying the Union Jack Flag, what a tremendous honour and Tournament. DJH_4129 photo Fred Brooks, retired ex.The Royal Dragoons

Baxterbear TREEKLED that two lovely ladies spelt Baxterbear correctly

Baxterbear was TREEKLED when he was introduced to Laura and Shauna by his new friend Colonel Philip Bates while making a difference at Murrayfield for the Armed Forces Charity Test Match, Scotland vs South Africa. Baxterbear met Lesley and Shauna, who both work for the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, building Britain’s newest high profile warships. They were both delighted to meet Baxterbear and to thank him for the work he does helping the Armed Forces and, in particular, the Forces Charities, and they were TREEKLED to learn that you spell Baxterbear in one word and not two! 20121202_Baxterbear Rugby

Baxterbear BEAR WITH ME !

Happy retirement to Major Roy Robertson who – accompanied by Colonel Phil Bates – Commander Edinburgh Garrison, and Baxterbear.

Major Robertson retired today Friday, 7 December 2012 as Director Scotland for the Army’s own charity, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity which has its offices in the Castle. Roy, who previously served with the Ulster Defence Regiment, and Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, has been a long-time supporter of the charity and its Director in Scotland since 2008. Major Robertson is succeeded by Major Charles Dunphie who Baxterbear looks forward to working with. Baxterbear, has had some tremendous times with Roy – from helping him make a difference at Armed Forces Days to helping at a lecture by Col David Richmond and everything in between. One of Baxterbear’s favourite times with Roy was he Rugby Match in Stirling between Stirling County Rugby Team and The Army in Scotland Rugby Team.The Rugby Ball was parachuted in by the Golden Lions and handed to former Scotland and Lions Captain Gavin Hastings. Baxterbear was TREEKLED to be introduced to Gavin Hastings who now owns his own Baxterbear – Baxterbear is privileged to call Gavin Hastings a friend. Gavin Hastings said today
“It was through Roy he met Baxterbear and wishes Roy all the best as he has been a great support to the ABF The Soldiers Charity.”
Baxterbear wishes Roy all the very best for the future, and was TREEKLED to be able to present him with a special Baxterbear Surprise.

Baxterbear finds the Beach at Children’s Hospital !

Baxterbear visits Evelina Children’s Hospital

Baxterbear was TREEKLED, arriving with Dr.Anil Budh-Raja GP who qualified from Guy’s, King’s and St.Thomas’ Hospital to Evelina Children’s Hospital on Thursday 29th November, receiving a bright warm welcome, by Helen Jackson, Communications Director for the Hospital. Evelina Children’s Hospital is a specialist NHS hospital in London. It is a part of Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and provides teaching hospital facilities for King’s College London. Baxterbear was TREEKLED to visit the children in the wards of this wonderful sunny, cheerful hospital with it’s curved glazed roof a new approach to health care design on London’s South Bank, visiting the Wards where he was joined by play specialists and introduced to the in-patient children. Baxterbear created instant intrigue and smiles, hugs all round and played with the children, while Dr Anil Budh-Raja talked with the families. Baxterbears and a variety of Baxterbear colouring sheets were given to the children by Baxterbear , with the help of Anil, Helen and Adam. Baxterbear was TREEKLED to be introduced to Evelina Children’s Hospital by Adam who had bought Baxterbears in 2010 on The epic March of the Coldstream Guards – one in particular for a very special little girl who visits the hospital. Adam wanted Baxterbear to make a difference as a token of his gratitude to the hospital. Now Baxterbear will be trying to become a regular visitor. He loves the ambience of this very special hospital. Adam kindly took photos as a memento of Baxterbear’s visit. On leaving, the children families and staff seemed delighted with meeting Baxterbear. Baxterbear left hoping he too had made a difference ! Knowing each child was cared for and each with a mascot Baxterbear to hug. They will definitely remember him.

Why a Beach? I hear you ask it is the name of the social heart of the building the base of the glass roofed hospital like a conservatory with a TREEKLED ambience