Baxterbear joins Beeslack Community High School

Baxterbear was TREEKLED to make a difference at Beeslack Community High School. He helped a group of students who were fundraising to go to Malawi. In summer 2014, 23 students from the school are going to Malawi. Half of the students will be based in the south of Malawi and they will work on two projects – a environmental project with the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust, and a community project with the Fisherman’s Rest. bb1 Baxterbear was TREEKLED to be able to help at a fundraising event. Hearing about their trip to Malawi reminded him of living in Africa and he cannot wait to hear all about the trip next summer. bb2

Baxterbear returns to Rosslyn Chapel

Friends of Roslin Glen 16th June Baxterbear was invited to join the annual Friends of Roslin Glen(FORG) Teas in the Park- their annual jamboree! FORG is a community group dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of Roslin Glen- a beautiful Green Flag award winning area. A beautiful day attended by around 300 people with stalls,a Beatles tribute band and a jazz band entertaining the crowds> Baxterbear loves music he can dance too. There was no stopping him on the day between making a difference and dancing the day away! Baxterbear was loved by the children and adults alike. Baxterbears were being sold to raise funds for a school group heading to Malawi next year. Baxterbear spent a great deal of his life in Africa and he was TREEKLED that he was making a difference to help the children of Africa. After the event Baxterbear took a stroll down to see the famous Rosslyn Chapel now restored where now both a book and film have been made called The Da Vinci Code regarding the history of the amazing Chapel. Baxterbear did not expect to be the centre of attention during the photo-shoot at Rosslyn Chapel then on too the Roslin Original Hotel. Baxterbear wishes to thank Jim for the kind invite and looks forward to next year. Jim Hiddleston, committee member of Friends of Roslin Glen, said ‘Baxterbear was a great addition to Roslin Glen’s Teas in the Park this year and the many children there were so pleased to shake his hand.’   chapel-close-up-490 more-sign-baxter_0512 bear-roslin-516 chapel-close-up-490 hotel-baxter09 original-baxter0508 sign-baxter-- walk-chapel-492 wave-chapel-491 photo

Baxterbear at Alliance Trust Cateran Yomp, 15th 16th June, Perthshire

ABF Logo   all “Thanks very much to Baxterbear for coming to the Cateran Yomp in Highland Perthshire. You really helped us raise money for soldiers, veterans and families in need.  We’ll see you at the next year’s event – put 28-29 June 2014 in your diary, Baxterbear!” Charles Dunphie Director of The Soldiers Charity Scotland
image Alliance Trust chief executive Katherine Garrett-Cox, centre, General Martin Rutledge, of ABF the Soldiers’ Charity, in red, Mark Beaumont, in cap, charity mascot Baxterbear, the Alliance Trust team and the Gurkha team taking part in the Cateran Yomp. Indeed it was a weekend to remember as I helped get an event set up, met up with old friends and new and I even saw a few highland cows in this amazing 24 hour yomp in the Scotish Highlands. I found out that a yomp was a 54-mile, 24-hour hike around the hills and glens of Highland Perthshire and Angus through a network of old drove roads, ancient tracks and deserted country lanes. Yompers walk a circular route that begins and ends in Blairgowrie. Along the way, they’ll trek through Kirkmichael, Spittal of Glenshee and Kirkton of Glenisla. As well as being a test of fitness and an opportunity to bond with friends or colleagues, the yomp raises money for good causes. What I do best is making a difference, helping raise funds and keeping fit and healthy.     Alliance Trust Cateran Yomp A morale-boosting hug for one of the Yompers!!   Infantry Fighting Vehicle They’ve even got an Infantry Fighting Vehicle here (although if you ask me it’s a tank!).  How cool is that?!   D222SC_0820 Baxterbear catches up with one of my oldest friends – the Gurkhas – and the famous adventurer Mark Beaumont

Baxterbear returns to 1SCOTS Rugby 7s Family Day

Baxterbear returns to 1SCOTS for their family day and catches up with good friends. Rugby was the game of the day!
“Thanks very much to Baxterbear – another stunning performance at the 1 SCOTS rugby 7s last weekend!! Looking forward to seeing him in a kilt soon – what a talented fella!” Charles Dunphie Director for Scotland The Soldiers Charity
1 Scot day (6) 1 Scot day (7) 1 Scot day (1) 1 Scot day (2) 1 Scot day (3) 1 Scot day (4) 1 Scot day (5)

Baxterbear goes to a wedding

“For those of you who don’t believe you’re ever going to find THE ONE, hold Baxterbear’s philosophies close to your heart, and if you see a shooting star, wish on that star… ” Mrs. Lindsay Baxter.
Baxterbear was TREEKLED to recently receive wedding photo’s from Lindsay and Steven Baxter’s wedding in November 2012. Baxterbear was lucky enough to attend the marvellous ceremony where he wished the happy couple a future filled with excitement and adventure as they set off on their new lives together. Linday and Steven met Baxterbear when he was mascot at the British Military Tournament 2011 and they returned in 2012 to see their friend once again. Baxterbear and his philosophies played a part in bringing the newlyweds together so on the day Lindsay proudly became Mrs Baxter, Baxterbear had to be there. At the wedding there were Baxterbears everywhere as Lindsay and Steven absolutely love Baxterbear’s philosophies and wanted to share his message with their friends and children. Baxterbear heard that Lindsay and Steven were planning to visit Burma on their honeymoon and follow in Baxterbear’s paw-prints. Wedding (2) Wedding montage Wedding (1)

Baxterbear meets Simon Weston at The Trades House of Glasgow Annual Ball

CS_Logo_-_They_Fight_Our_Wars The Trades House of Glasgow Annual Charity Ball, this year in aid of Combat Stress was held at the Glasgow Hilton on 11th May 2013. The organisers were delighted that Baxterbear was able to fit the event into his busy schedule and join in the fun. After meeting and greeting the guests, Baxterbear mingled with the great and the good and encouraged the partygoers to support a very worthy cause. He proved particularly popular with the young ladies and was regularly surrounded a bevvy of beauties all vying for his attention and wanting to be photographed alongside him. He promoted the Baxterbear raffle and nearly everyone went home with a Baxterbear, which will act as a reminder of a fun evening with a serious mission – to raise funds for Combat Stress and the upgrading of their treatment centre at Hollybush House near Ayr. Baxterbear was honoured to meet Simon Weston who spoke at the event and TREEKLED that Simon took home a Baxterbear! Deacon Convener with Baxterbear 11th May Ball (3) Baxterbear and the pianist 11th May Ball (6) Baxterbear with a bevy of beauties 11th May Ball (8) 11th May Ball (2) Patricia Smail 11th May Ball (9) 11th May Ball (10) Simon Weston speaking at Glasgow Ball

Baxterbear’s Hair – Angus Gordon saves the day by Royal appointment!

CS_Logo_-_They_Fight_Our_Wars Baxterbear needed to look his best as he prepared for the Trades House of Glasgow Annual Charity Ball this evening at the Glasgow Hilton. This year the ball is being held in aid of Combat Stress and Baxterbear is TREEKLED to have the opportunity to meet Simon Weston who will be speaking at the event. Angus Johnston, Gordon Black, Brian Rafferty, Mark and Ellie tamed Baxterbear’s locks and got him looking his best for the ball. Angus Gordon, 53 Fredrick Street Edinburgh, 0131 225 1978 Angus Gordon (4) Angus Gordon (6) Angus Gordon (7) Angus Gordon (2)

Baxterbear’s day at school

Baxterbear spent the day Brimsdown Primary School in Enfield, London. He helped the children and staff raise money in memory of their sports coach who died in a tragic road accident. The popular teacher was a fundraiser for Help for Heroes and Baxterbear was honoured to help remember his good work and offer support to the children throughout the day. Amongst the activities there was an assault course and a just dance session that Baxterbear particularly enjoyed as Baxterbear’s philosophy is that good music is music you can dance to. London School Event (4) London School Event (6) London School Event (7) London School Event (8) London School Event (13) London School Event (15) London School Event (16) London School Event (17) London School Event (18) London School Event (1) London School Event (2) London School Event (3) London School Event (5) London School Event (9) London School Event (10) London School Event (11) London School Event (12) London School Event (14)

Baxterbear pops into Rick’s to kickstart the New Year

Baxterbear popped into Rick’s for a great coffee. The perfect treat after his fun and energetic New Year’s Eve Ball. The staff were in top form as all of the Montpelier’s Group always are. A few of them are: Montpelier’s, Bruntsfield Place and Tiger Lily, Hope Street. Baxterbear had a TREEKLED Time. Rick’s, 55A Frederick St, Edinburgh, 0131 622 7800. DSC01141 DSC01143

Baxterbear goes to the Ball!

The Sunday Brunch Club Edinburgh held their 6th New Years Eve Charity Ball at the refurbished Assembly Rooms, George Street, Edinburgh. Baxterbear was there with Stephanie Taylor to meet and greet the guests as they arrived. After a splendid dinner Baxterbear mingled with guests and was TREEKLED to have the opportunity to partake in one of his favourite pastimes as he danced with the other guests to the live ceilidh music. Baxterbear’s philosophy is that good music is music you can dance to. Baxterbear had a marvelous evening and was TREEKLED to help raise money for It’s Good to Give, an Edinburgh charity which helps local young people with cancer and offers help and support to their families. Edinburgh's Grand Hogmanay Ball (109) Angus & Lizzie Edinburgh's Grand Hogmanay Ball (1) Edinburgh's Grand Hogmanay Ball (107) Edinburgh's Grand Hogmanay Ball (75) Edinburgh's Grand Hogmanay Ball (5) Edinburgh's Grand Hogmanay Ball (4) Edinburgh's Grand Hogmanay Ball (3) Edinburgh's Grand Hogmanay Ball (2) Edinburgh's Grand Hogmanay Ball (6)