Fishers for Baxterbear

When ever I’m in Edinburgh no better place for me than Fishers at the Shore ! Always a TREEKLED Baxterbear. Been coming to Fishers since they stated more years than I count Birthdays. From Daisy Tate hosting a special 25th Birthday Party some years ago for Daisy’s friend to many many happy meals. Always fun, good food and worth the visit. call 0131 554 5666.. The Shore and ENJOY ! p.s. Fishcakes yummy… Bearest wishes Baxterbear  

Commonwealth Games 2014 Opening

Baxterbear is TREEKLED to have a part in helping to raise funds for the Commonwealth Games chosen Charity UNICEF who helps Children in UK and Around the World some pictures of “A Night to Remember” exuberant, good-humoured, evening – starring everyone (and everything) from a giant haggis, cabers, golf clubs, 41 Scottish terriers, Rod Stewart, Susan Boyle, rousing cheers for the Queen and Prince Philip . Some already have there own Baxterbear’s. Best wishes to everyone involved over the next 11 days in Glasgow .    

Baxterbear gives Kate Kenyon a Baxterbear

Baxterbear was invited to The Hilton after abseiling to raise funds for UNICEF The Commonwealth Games Charity 2014 where he met Kate Kenyon who now has her own Baxterbear and is a one of 15,000 Clydesiders volunteering for The Commonwealth Games . Baxterbear had his debut in the Caledonian Hilton, Princess Street in Edinburgh at the Edinburgh Festival in 2009. Many thanks to the staff of the Hilton Garden Inn.   Brave Glasgow 2014 volunteer Kate is waiting on call that will change her life        

Could you ‘bear’ to abseil down the Finnieston Crane for charity? I did I’m Baxterbear!

If you had looked up to the top of the Finnieston Crane on SUNday 20th July, you would be in for a big surprise ! A few months ago, anyone glancing up at the Glasgow landmark you may have been stunned to see daredevil stunt rider Danny MacAskill precariously bunny hop his way across the iron tower. Yeasterday, Baxterbear was TREEKLED to be seen teetering on the edge of the iconic Clydeside structure not there for a political stunt or out of depression ONLY to make a difference ! Baxterbear was doing it for children across the Commonwealth. Invited to join a group of daredevil fundraisers climbing the towering Finnieston Crane and abseiling a gut-churning 50ft drop back to earth to raise money for UNICEF, Official Charity Partner of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Many thanks to The Glasgow Climbing Centre especially Melanie McDevitt from Glasgow, Melanie is a professional instructor at the Glasgow Climbing Centre, as well as a paramedic, so both she and around 25 fellow fundraisers were in safe hands … or paws. Baxterbear is TREEKLED to team up with them and proud to have Melanie in Team Baxterbear ! “UNICEF makes a big difference to kids in the UK and around the world. As a paramedic I spend a lot of time with kids from extremely disadvantaged families so any charity helping them is one I’m behind with Baxterbear !!! ( Baxterbear who also lived all over the Commonwealth knows this only to well)” ” I was delighted to be meeting up again with Baxterbear after our last abseil at The Forth Rail Bridge” Unicef Official Donations Page



187x1671001661_3ab78f3f-cf5f-442a-a4ca-84f2cce355a5_Veterans In Action Logo Baxterbear’s were TREEKLED to be part of this walk for Veterans In Action and has been invited to return in 2015.   !cid_6C79ABB1-C94E-465B-8033-08E5F3D51501@dlink !cid_97619334-836A-4204-8270-63B8BE3E62A3@dlink !cid_E293DDC4-F53B-4AE2-B537-462E6FDC3C0C@dlink  

Baxterbear will be abseiling An iconic 9 times from the Finnieston Crane

Sunday 20th July 2014 Baxterbear will be abseiling 9 times from the Finnieston Crane in Glasgow Raising money for Unicef and will help save and change children’s lives all across the Commonwealth. If you have any Photos/Video from the day Please email them to: To make a donation Please Click Here

Baxterbear was out helping promote Remember to recycle !

Any idea’s you have please email into , and Baxterbear webby friends will add best ones to this post.  

Baxterbear Dreghorn to Hopetoun Horse Trials

Baxterbear meets up with Stacey’s nieces Charli and Chrysti. The first time was at Dreghorn on Baxterbear’s way to Charity abseil (run by South Queensferry Rotary) to raise funds for the ABF The Soldiers Charity at the Forth Rail Bridge and the second time Sunday at Hopetoun Horse Trials. Many thanks to Stacey for sending in the email and to all that helped on both days. Please email your photos and story to    
Zara Phillips

Zara Phillips receives Baxterbear.

Zara Phillips was among more than 200 international riders competing at the Gillespie Macandrew Hopetoun Horse Trials. Riding her 2012 Olympic horse High Kingdom, Phillips finished sixth in the event’s top competition, the CIC three-star section. Zara is listed in the British squad for the World Equestrian Games in France . Husband Mike Tindall and baby daughter Mia came North to see Zara ride a total of three horses around the testing cross-country courses at Hopetoun. Baxterbear was TREEKLED to see on Sunday after Zara had completed her riding duties Zara and her family enjoyed the rest of the day mingling with the crowds. With 3 Baxterbear’s .