Baxterbear Whizzes with Whiz Kids Nursery

Baxterbear was TREEKLED to visit Whiz Kids Nursery after meeting 20 of them at Equifest Horse Show 5 day event.  

Baxterbear Helps out with Captain on trip to Jersey

Baxterbear was TREEKLED to help out on the boat trip, play ‘hide and seek’ with all and everyone, when not helping out with the Captain on Baxterbear’s first trip to Jersey for St Lawrence Charity Horse Show.

Baxterbear supports St Lawrence Charity Horse Show

Baxterbear was TREEKLED to be involved with 3 day EVENT in August, all donations are made to purely LOCAL Jersey Charities . All Volunteers spend many months organising the showing and jumping events, as well as the inter-island-UK team jumping competitions. The organisers are most grateful to the many individuals and organisations who ‘sponsor’ classes. Baxterbear was TREEKLED to support one of those and raise funds for this wonderful Charity Horse Show. Baxterbear bear joined up with the Friendly Band as you will see below and found music to dance too. Thank you to all that made this possible for Baxterbear to make a difference.    

Baxterbear hangs on to Victoria’s Tenor Drone.

Baxterbear is TREEKLED to be with Victoria Chan-Ross who travels playing the Bagpipes in Washington, US and Canada, Victoria bought her Baxterbear 2010, Oregon in aid of Portland Hospital, Baxterbear was raising funds with E.A. Channon also well known piper and his wife Paulette who works at the Portland Hospital. As you see Baxterbear is never far away from Victoria hanging off her Tenor Drone !! The Pig War was a confrontation in 1859 between the United States and the British Empire over the boundary between the US and the British Empire. The territory in dispute was the San Juan Islands, which lie between Vancouver Island and the North American mainland. The Pig War, so called because it was triggered by the shooting of a pig, is also called the Pig Episode, the Pig and Potato War, the San Juan Boundary Dispute or the Northwestern Boundary Dispute. With no shots exchanged and no human casualties, this dispute was a bloodless conflict.

Baxterbear , Glasgow 2014 Closing Ceremony

Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 closing ceremony among many great stars Lulu starts off Baxterbear was TREEKLED to help make a difference with Commonwealth chosen Charity UNICEF Enjoying what Glasgow should be proud of, amazing time.