It’s my Birthday!
As you know I have lived more years than Birthdays – today is my 22nd or 88th Birthday.
I’m  TREEKLED to say in the coming months you will be able to hear about my future plans, through my Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram and website.

Today for me is about thanking the people who have cared and shown KINDness is in Fashion!

At times when you feel BEATEN you can BE A TEN.

Believing in yourself makes a difference, at times that is challenging, I’m not a guru I’m a positive bear.

It has been my 9 Philosophes and the Baxterbear Team around the World who help, some for a few minutes by a simple retweet, taking photos, graphics, IT support, kind medics, Rotarians helping me, Helping Rotary END POLIO NOW, Service personel, VETs and children, Flying Doctors in Kenya, RAF Air and Sea Rescue, to baby Elephants, The Gurka Welfare Trust, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, UNICEF inviting me to raise money for them and many others.

It has been a great foundation to the start of a new chapter, your KINDness and help is what helps  make a difference.

To me, theses are my ‘Precious Presents’.

• Baxterbear is getting dancing lessons from a top dance school.
• A visit to a special castle is planned…