Happy Platinum Jubilee to Her Majesty The Queen


All around the country a sea of fluttering flags marks the arrival of the Platinum Jubilee weekend.


We hope you and your loved ones can savour every moment of this historic, unprecedented occasion


Wishing you a restful, happy Jubilee weekend, and we send our congratulations to Her Majesty The Queen on this most glorious of occasions.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Easter love Baxterbear xx

Today is the 29th Feb 2020 (a leap year) and I am delighted to say it is my Leap-Birthday!

I am 21 years + but can only celebrate every 4 years! A great deal has happened in the past 4 + years since all those birthday’s ago. Firstly, we would like to take the opportunity to thank Group Captain Martin Armstrong, formerly of the RAF Benevolent Fund, London, for both his kindness and support in helping my late owner, a retried RAF pilot during his period with cancer, until his sad demise some years ago. His daughter made a promise to her father at that time to continue to ‘make a difference’. Inspired by her late parents, she pledged to continue to support the Military charities and other very worthy causes. I am proud & privileged to have been the British Military Mascot at the Royal Tournament in London and have had a close connection with other charities such The ABF (The Soldiers Charity), The Gurkhas, The RAF Benevolent Fund in Scotland, to name but a few. I also had the honour of being invited to join the Coldstream Guards Charity March from the Scottish Borders to London. Some of you may be more aware than others of my many activities over the past years but I thank you all for continuing to support me and my much-loved charities. In the coming months, I hope you will soon be able to see more Baxterbear detail on my new website, as well as via social media. The only Birthday Wish I have is please “Be KIND to others” KINDness is back in fashion.