Baxterbear and Social Bite in Edinburgh

Baxterbear working with Social Bite

Baxterbear Team is proud to have a collaboration with Social Bite the charity and social business providing homes, jobs, food, and support to empower people to transform their own lives. Their vision is a society where no one should have to be homeless.

Baxterbear gives unconditional love and will be at the Festival of Kindness Tree in Edinburgh at St Andrew Square on 8th December and at Social Bite Coffee Shop, 10 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow on the 15th collecting money.

“£10 could buy two homeless or vulnerable people a Christmas dinner.” 

“Give the Gift of Home – A gift of £50 will help us buy basic furnishings for one of the houses at the two new

Social Bite Villages.”

To donate please visit

This is a very clear collaboration to Baxterbear, through no fault of his own they were homeless for a lengthy period. This was not a lifestyle choice and during this period the lack of safety, medication, nutritional food often was simply not available. You can easily become lost without protection, no safe access to your financial matters, or assets forgotten (belongings can be stolen and discarded). 

This is your whole life and security. It happens to people from all walks of life from military personnel returning from protecting our country to so many others.

The purpose of this message is to speak up, to highlight this can happen to anyone. You can have a home, be intelligent, have family, friends, be the mascot for the British Military Tournament among so many others.

Sadly, life can also spiral and when it does, we need kindness and support. Make it your priority to visit, check in on others, to help prevent life changing events happening before they do!  

Empathy, kindness, inclusion can prevent and are as important before as they are after to end homelessness.

The importance of Social Bite is to end homelessness and challenge the status quo by pioneering solutions that create lasting change. 

Baxterbear’s Christmas message is kindness is a lifestyle choice and to help end homelessness every day!

Love and kindness for Christmas and 2024 Baxterbear xx

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Baxterbear helping raise money for Social Bite in Edinburgh.